Keep Hustling

4 years ago hustling in the first shop. When we moved in our landlord ask my dad if he was going to cover our rent if we didn’t have the money Hahahaha.

This was our fab area and all the tools we had + a 20 year old air compressor that my dad gave us that would lock up and then come back to life a few times a day. We kept it in our office (the room with all the parts on top) along with our $5 Walmart coffee maker that made coffee that tasted like metal. The shop was at the bottom of a big hill and would always try and flood when it rained. Speaking of the hill it was impossible to get a truck and trailer in/out. We actually had a few that got stuck. Next bay over was a grass/landscape company and every time it rained the shop smelled like moldy grass for a few days. Our landlords way of fixing the parking lot was to dump tar+sand in the pot holes... which in turn would plug the drain in front of the shop. Looking back on it now I don’t know why anyone would have left a car with us haha but they did. (You know who you are! Thank you!)

We built cars out of that shop but that shop actually built us. It built in us a drive to overcome and succeed. It taught us that no matter the outside appearance that the people that are inside those walls are the most important. Dreams are built brick by brick and sometimes it feels like you will never get any walls up. But eventually you will, then you will move on to the roof and then you will start on the inside. Don’t give up while your in the process keep pushing and dreaming bigger. Your dream may have started in a storage shed but it was not meant to stay there. Some days you might even miss the shed but remember that the unknown is part of the adventure that was laid out for you.

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