Jesus Loves Racecars

Drag racing is a lot like life. It's pretty ironic that we call our car "The Holy Ghost" and we almost got hit by "The Demon Duster." For us in our lane the pass was going very well. I was .019 on the tree Brad had a good tune up in the car and we were on our way to make a solid lap and I could see the finish line in site. For the duster he went red, then down racetrack he ran into some issues that sent him into the wall. Life is really no different... we can be living our lives and everything is good. No major issues and we have a good idea of where we are heading. We have our goals lined out and we can see the finish line of where we want to be. But in life and on the racetrack you are doing this race with other people. The duster had an issue that sent him into the wall in his lane, then because of that he bounced into our lane. I am 100% sure that his intent was NOT to come in our lane and take us out but in that moment that was what was happening. Life is no different... choices and circumstances happen that come and try to take us out. In that moment it's our choice how to handle the circumstances that come our way. For us we hit the wall and for a moment we thought that the Holy Ghost was done. But with help of a ton of good people the Holy Ghost was reborn and got a new name...The Pop Rivet Express haha. In about 1 hour she was rolling to the lanes again. When that car rolled in the lanes for battle again we really have never experienced so much love and support. The amount of pictures exc that were being taken of it was crazy. We ended up having a bye 1st round because our competition broke. But for us pulling into to the burnout box was a win, bumping the car into the beams was another, and it went straight down the racetrack! BIG WIN. The pass was not our fastest but it felt like the best pass of the weekend because of everything that we had to overcome to get back on the racetrack.
Life for us is no different. Things come to try and destroy us. Sometimes they get close, sometimes they get us but its our choice what we do after it happens. People want to see what happens when the pressure is on. Today I just want to encourage you to kick Demons in the face and know that you can conquer the things that are trying to conquer you. Even if they put you into the wall or have you on the ropes that makes your story so much more powerful. Everyone like's a comeback. And the people that love you are there to help you put a little duck tape and poprivets on your life to get you back out there. #JesusLovesRacecars

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