79 - 04 Mustang Ultra Swap K-Member w/ standard add-ons

79 - 04 Mustang Ultra Swap K-Member w/ standard add-ons

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1979-2004 Mustang Ultra Swap K-member.The Ultra Swap is designed to accommodate low slung forward facing headers for a variety of motor configurations. This K-member is perfect for cars equipped with single or twin turbo small blocks to big block and nitrous cars with front exit exhaust. The K-member utilizes the wide front tube design similar to the Stiletto K-members but with the less expensive Pinto rack. It also mounts to the chassis at only the factory locations so no extra fab work is needed for installation. With the motor at the factory location the crank shaft center line to the top of the rack measures 6-3/8". There is a great amount of clearance for the 6 stage dry sump pump because most of the pump is ahead of the rack. With all the extra room on the sides and the rack near the factory location there is plenty of space for any conventional rear exit headers as well.

  • K-members come powder coated Gloss Black unless you specify bare. Expect about a 2 - 3 week lead time with powder coating.
  • Comes Standard with Tie Down Hooks and Bolt Kit 


  • WILL ACCEPT ANY Aftermarket Tubular A-Arms With Heimed Ends And 1/2" Harware.
  • Grade 8 Bolt Kit is Standard 
  • Utilizes Rod end A-arms and 1/2" hardware
  • Travel must be limited with a limiter kit
  • Uses The 1971-1972 Pinto 45.5" Manual Steering Rack


  • Stock K-member weighs- 51.0 lbs
  • Racecraft Inc K-member weighs- 17 lbs w/ Pinto Rack Mounts
  • Weight Savings- 34 lbs
  • 34" of ID clearance 5" below the frame rail
  • Bottom of frame rail to the top of the rack is 8-3/16"

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