Billet Adjustable 4 Link Chassis Brackets
Billet Adjustable 4 Link Chassis Brackets

Billet Adjustable 4 Link Chassis Brackets

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Our top of the line solution for 1/8" adjustment tuning on the traditional chassis 4 link bracket! The bracket assembly is made of billet 4140 utilizing a keyway system making it a great choice for longevity and durability. Heim bracket adjustment range is suitable for both small and big tire applications. 

The 1/4 bolt serves as the adjustment indicator for a given heim hole choice, adjusting through the sweep in 1/8" increments up to 5/8" before needing to adjust to the next heim hole.  Because the upper adjustments are on an angle, the upper 4 link bar stays at the same approximate nominal length through the adjustment sweep making the adjustment variable more consistent. 


  • 4140 material
  • 3/4" Billet main bracket
  • 1/2" Billet heim bracket
  • NAS hardware
  • Key way locking system for ultimate strength
  • 1/8" increment positioning guide etched in bracket
  • 1/8" adjustment capability
  • 22" Radius on upper hole arc
  • 1 5/8" Tube notches
  • 13" Spread (top of lower notch to bottom of top notch)
  • 4 deg angle between upper and lower notch center
  • 1/2" Holes on 5/8" spacing
  • No lightening pocket in center of bracket making it a good location to weld support tube gussets
  • Integrated projack notch on bottom of bracket

Billet Adjustable 4 Link Chassis Bracket kit will include:

  • 2ea 3/4” 4 link chassis main brackets
  • 4ea 4 link chassis upper heim brackets
  • 4ea  4 link chassis lower heim brackets
  • 12ea 3/8-24 NAS bolts, NAS washers, and NAS jam nuts
  • 4ea 1/4-28 NAS bolts, NAS washers, NAS jam nuts

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