Maximizer EZ Progressive Nitrous Controller

Maximizer EZ Progressive Nitrous Controller

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The NX Maximizer EZ Progressive Nitrous Controller is easy to install and easy to tune making it easy to go fast. 

The Max EZ was designed to replace the relay in your NX nitrous system so installation time is less than 30 seconds!  Simply unplug your existing NX relay and plug the proprietary Max EZ male plug into your NX relay harness (if your nitrous system does not have a standard NX relay harness, use the included NX relay harness to complete the installation). 

The Max EZ pulses your nitrous and fuel solenoids to smoothly ramp in your nitrous power resulting in increased traction and less strain on your vehicles drivetrain. The progression ramp automatically starts at 20% and ends at 100% when you push the accelerator pedal to W.O.T. (Wide Open Throttle). Ramp time is adjustable from 0 to 4.5 seconds via a simple turn screw.  We recommend selecting the lowest ramp time possible without introducing tire spin. If tire spin is noticed, simply increase the ramp time to slow down the ramp to full power. 

The Max EZ is capable of powering nitrous and fuel solenoids with a total amp draw up to 40 amps maximum making it the perfect choice for most plate and single nozzle nitrous systems. Consult your nitrous system manufacturer for your solenoids amp draw. 

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