McAmis HD Wishbone Kit
McAmis HD Wishbone Kit

McAmis HD Wishbone Kit

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• Heavy Duty X-Brace Design
• Ultra-Smooth 1-1/4” Steel Slider
• 1-5/8" Machined Slider Body with Sleeve Bearings and Retainers
• Made In USA
• Welding & Fabrication Required

• 4130 Tubing for Wishbone Legs, Crossbar and X-Brace
• Tube Adapters For Wishbone Legs
• Machined HD Slider Unit
• Slider Sleeve Bearings and Retainers
• HIMIS Wishbone Leg Rod Ends and Jam Nuts
• Slider Rod End, Spacers, Locking Pin and Jam Nut
• Instructions

*Maximum dimensions with material included:
•  28.5" Long (Including Rod Ends)
• 18" Wide (Including Rod Ends)

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